The Campaign

Book Published! (updated March 12 2013)

Since I managed to meet my goals for the campaign earlier than anticipated, I also decided to order the book earlier so I can send it to all the lovely people who contributed a   bit early. Don’t worry if you haven’t ordered yet: it’s available for sale on blurb. And if you want an electronic copy, just drop me a line: jessicamarindavis <at> gmail <dot> com

Meeting Goals (updated January 20 2013)

As of yesterday, with 98 days to go in my indiegogo campaign, I met my goal! But the campaign is far from over: part of the goal of the project is to share the practice of yoga, and expand people’s ideas about what a yogi looks like. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, or know people who might be interested, share away!

Campaign Update: 

The 108 Photographs indiegogo campaign is progressing well. There’s 106 days left, and I’m almost halfway to my goal! But a good part of the goal is also sharing the work and making sure people see it, and to do that, I’m relying on all of you to spread the word. So share away, please! I also added a new perk: 5$ will get you a signed postcard of one of the photographs from the project!


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